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We are the Grocery Operations Group. We will help suppliers get products listed for sale in grocery establishments, aid store operators in ordering eligible beverage alcohol products and provide support and guidance with any operational and administrative concerns relating to selling beer, ciders and wine in the grocery channel.

In its April 2015 report, Striking the Right Balance: Modernizing Beer Retailing and Distribution in Ontario, the Premier's Advisory Council on Government Assets recommended that the government authorize qualifying grocery stores to sell beer to the public. In the 2015 Ontario Budget, Building Ontario Up, the government announced it would proceed with this recommendation and subsequently introduced regulatory changes establishing the LCBO as the wholesale supplier of all beer, domestic and import, to authorized grocery stores. 

Latest News

Grocery Operations Staffing Announcement

2017 Aug 28


First 58 Locations Announced

2015 Dec 17

The authorized stores are a mix of independent and large grocers in communities across Ontario.

Winning Bids Announced

2015 Dec 17

The first grocers to be eligible to sell beer in Ontario grocery stores were announced.